Our Philosophy




We believe to have a successful breeding program, the breeder must constantly supervise, care, and love-on the puppies; that they should have more human contact than just a few times a day. 

We have made a commitment to producing Labradors that are healthy, intelligent, beautiful, and have an unmatched loving temperament that only a Labrador can have. Since 1996, we have set out to improve the quality of bloodlines of our Labradors and believe we have some of the finest Labrador retrievers available in North America. 

We believe in order to become a great dog, it is paramount that early stimulation and socialization start at the earliest stages (3 days old) of its life outside of the womb, and should continue well into the 6th-8th month of age.

We produce puppies that grow healthy and strong. They have great personalities, each a little different than the other in their own little way. 

We breed our puppies mostly for companionship, but are also great working and sporting dog prospects. They can be trained for therapy, illegal substance detection, search and rescue, or other tasks as service dogs.

But they are by far, the best therapy dogs available as they love to please.

Some of our notable dogs/puppies are certified therapy dogs or assistants to human therapists, while most are family pets. 

All of our puppies have multiple-champions (show and hunting) bloodlines in their pedigree. 

We screen the hips, elbows, eyes (CERF), eyes (PRA), heart, and over 185 other canine related diseases.

We select our breeding pairs to achieve maximum health, beauty, structure, and a great temperament with intelligence.

As responsible Labrador Retriever breeders, we are constantly working to improve each litter with every breeding. We don't just find a stud from an ad somewhere to breed with a dam just because she "is pretty"

We study the pedigrees, photographs and genetics of each pair prior to breeding.

Most importantly, if I am not using my own, I always personally visit the stud before every litter. I will drive great distances to breed with a great stud.



1. HEALTH ~ Eyes, hips, elbows, and heart are always screened plus breed-specific genetic tests, prior to breeding. 

2. DAILY SOCIALIZATION for Great TEMPERAMENT ~ This is an essential part to any K-9 development.

3. COAT COLOR ~ We are blessed to have dogs with very light yellow (white) dogs, but it is less of a concern when breeding.