Puppy Buying Process

1. Complete our Questionnaire

2. If Approved, We will Contact you and Complete a Phone Interview

3. Your Name goes on the Our Waiting List in the next possible spot as "waiting on Deposit"

4. In 10 days, We must receive your $500 Deposit in the form of a PERSONAL CHECK . Your name must be on the check.

5. Your Status is updated on the Waiting List as "Confirmed"

6. The Puppies are born Live on Streaming Video and the Webcam continues every day so you can watch all the Puppies grow and reach Milestones

7. Anyone who has a Deposit for a Sex that wasn't produced will be offered the Opposite Sex (if available). We can move you to the next litter or refund your deposit. You won't be made to wait if I cannot produce a puppy for you.

8. The Waiting List becomes the Selection List

9. Anyone on the Waiting List with a deposit that did not have the opportunity to purchase, can elect to get an available other sex, wait for another litter and be placed at the next best position available on the Waiting List,  or receive a refund of the deposit 

10. At 6 weeks, Puppies are chosen based on your Position on the Selection List. You select your own puppy! (IF THE FINAL PAYMENT WILL BE BY CHECK,  IT MUST BE PAID NOW) 

11. At 7 weeks old, the Puppies go to their Furever Homes (ONLY CASH AND BITCOIN AND OTHER CRYPTO CURRENCIES PAYMENTS AT THIS TIME)