Puppy Price

Starting August 1, 2020, the price for a Texas White Labrador is $3500 coming with Limited Registration. Deposits already sent before this date will still be honored for the $3,000 price. 

Inquire for Full Registration.

8.25% will be added for Sales Tax for the State of Texas.

Taxpayer ID: 32023964987
Taxpayer Name: STEVEN MASON 

Our guarantee covers hereditary hip

Dysplasia for 26 months and over 182 other diseases for life.

The early stimulation, socialization, and care that we give these pups is unmatched.

You must fill out our Questionnaire to begin our puppy buying process.

A phone interview and a non-refundable $500 deposit is required to add your name to the waiting list.

Please do not send a deposit until you are approved and asked to do so. 

The balance is due: at 10 days before pick-up - CHECK

 At pick-up - CASH